Online Price QuoteSome of the key features and benefits of SHEERConnection Co-Location Services include:

  • Our connection to the Backbone consists of multiple DS3’s to multiple, geographically diverse backbone providers, delivered over redundant fiber loop, load-balanced with BGP automatic failover and routing.
  • AC Power protected by UPS and Automatic Backup Generator.
  • Redundant Environmental Systems.
  • Anti-Static Flooring.
  • Secure, yet 24-hour access is available.
  • Technical Staff on-site to do any maintenance that you may require so that you don’t have to do it yourself if you don’t have the staffing or desire to do your own maintenance.
  • Competitive Pricing.

If you are in the market for co-location services, you already realize that the cost is a secondary consideration to quality.  Given our high quality standards and the services we provide, you may find that our prices may be higher than those of our competitors who do not place as much weight on such factors. 

As co-location is not a "one size fits all" product, we have broken down the costs of providing service into measurable factors and have created a pricing structure based on service utilization.  The factors are number or servers, rack space used, bandwidth, ip address space, and  power requirements.  As you choose which services are important to you, you may find that even with our superior quality and service, you may end up paying LESS than you would with a competitor.  Below are our prices, and an online calculator that you can use to customize your solution.

Rack Space

$20 per "U" per Month.

Space Used MRC
1U $ 20.00
4U 80.00
40U 800.00


$90 + $55 per each 128K of CIR (Confirmed Information Rate, also known as Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth), Minimum 128K, $7 for each 64K of Burst.

Bandwidth CIR
Burst Option

128 Kbit

$ 145.00

$ 14.00

256 Kbit



384 Kbit



768 Kbit



1024 Kbit



(T1) 1536 Kbit



3 Mbit



6 Mbit



IP Addresses

$1 per IP Address Per Month, Assigned in Blocks. Each customer is on their own VLAN in the switch and router. Multiple IP Blocks can be assigned to the same VLAN.

IP Address Package


8 (/29) 5 Usable + Router Gateway Address

$ 8.00

16 (/28) 13 Usable + Router Gateway Address


32 (/27) 29 Usable + Router Gateway Address


64 (/26) 61 Usable + Router Gateway Address


128 (/25) 125 Usable + Router Gateway Address


Per Server Charges

As a baseline, each server receives access to a single 10/100 port on our Ethernet switch and unprotected utility power.

Monthly Recurring Charge Non-Recurring Charge
Service Establishment - $ 170.00       
Service Establishment/ Level Change - 120.00       
Power w/Backup Generator $ 10.00           50.00       
Power w/Backup Generator & UPS 15.00           175.00       
KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) Option 10.00           175.00       
Managed Services (Tape Backups, Server Maintenance, Firewall Setup & Configuration, etc.)

Per Custom Quote

Per Custom Quote

Example Configurations:

  • 1U Cobalt RAQ Server, 256K Burstable to 768K, 8 IP Addresses, On Generator & UPS Backup Power -- $345 non-recurring setup charge, $299/month recurring
  • 4U NT Server, 128K Burstable to Full T1, 16 IP Addresses, KVM Option, On Generator & UPS Backup Power -- $520 non-recurring setup charge, $420/month recurring

SHEERConnection Co-Location Quick Quote


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Rack Space: 
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One-Time Setup Charge: 
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