caution.gif (8820 bytes) SHEERConnection specializes in business-grade, commercial Internet services. We do not offer consumer-grade Internet access. We do not offer any kind of "dial-up" Internet access, because there is no form of dialup service which meets the rigorous quality standards that we, and our clients, demand.

The closest thing to a consumer-grade product that we offer is our Wireless Hot-Spot network, which is an extension of our Fort Wayne Metropolitan Area Network.

We do, however, fully support home-based businesses and telecommuters. The typical home-based business and telecommuter has realized that consumer-grade dialup or broadband service just won’t cut it anymore. Commercial Internet access is more expensive, but it is worth it.

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to a cable modem or Verizon DSL line, review our commercial offerings or give us a call at 260-422-3979.

SHEERConnection is the Internet Services Group of Technology Specialists.  For more information on how SHEERConnection or Technology Specialists can be of service to you and your organization, please send a message to or call 260-422-5835. Powered by Technology Specialists