E-Mail is rapidly becoming the most prominent method of business communication. It is a vital component of business, and dependability is paramount. SHEERConnection offers a variety of reliable email delivery and storage options.

On the reliability side, we take the idea of backup mail servers a step farther. In addition to having backup mail servers, we have implemented a hot-standby solution on our mail servers that allows us to take a server down for maintenance without impacting mail pickup and delivery, thereby achieving as close to 100% uptime as is technologically possible.

Our standard domain hosting package includes scanning all incoming and outgoing email for viruses, and automatically notifying both the sender and receiver when a virus is found.

We even offer tools to combat SPAM at the server level, but because of the complexity of the technologies involved the service is not supported as part of the standard hosting package.

You can access the email via standard POP3/SMTP mail readers such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Eudora, or you can use web-based email to send and receive mail. Our web-based email even has advanced features such as calendar and spell-check. Many of our clients use both, allowing them to check their email from anywhere without any special software or configuration, while keeping the full-featured email clients on their computers at the office.

If your company runs a local mail server such as Exchange or GroupWise, we can still implement a backup email spool (secondary MX) service. This would capture incoming email in case of server maintenance, server crash, or circuit trouble – and automatically deliver it to your server when the trouble is cleared.

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