We used to call it telecommuting. Today the buzzwords are "Remote Office" and "Workforce Mobility". The result is the same, equipping your staff with the ability to access your corporate network resources from anywhere, allowing them to do their job more effectively and more productively.

Going far beyond the era of remote control products such as Carbon Copy or PC Anywhere which allowed a single person to remotely control the resources of a single machine, today we use products such as Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe to enable multiple employees to simultaneously work remotely.

These applications extend your company’s networked resources beyond the traditional office environment, providing your staff with secure, real-time access to your critical data and applications.

Remote Access is often less expensive than the alternatives of creating a high-speed private network, or even worse, the productivity loss of no remote access.

The consultants and network engineers at SHEERConnection can assess your needs to determine if a remote access solution is right for you, and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Remote Access vs. Private Network vs. Virtual Private Network. We can then design and implement the right solution for your unique needs.

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