T1 & T3 -- If you are ready for raw Internet power, we can provide it.

T1 service provides you with a dedicated 1.5 Mbps Internet connection where you are guaranteed full throughput all of the time. T1 access is perfect for businesses that transfer large files, have many office workers, or need a secure and private line to the Internet.

T3 service can be provisioned anywhere from 3.0 Mbps to 45 Mbps, and is the "ultimate" connection for a large business.

We generally sell T1 service for $450 + local loop. The cost of the local loop depends on where you are physically located and the length of the loop circuit contract. In most areas of Allen County the loop cost is between $350 and $650/month. In some areas we can get even less.

Call us with your address and telephone number and we can provide you with quotation on local loop cost.

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