Often a viable alternative to a private network is a "Virtual" private network.  A VPN uses public access circuits and special hardware and software to create a secure "tunnel" between the endpoints.   Some advantages of this type of implementation are:
  • If two locations are in different cities, it is often less expensive to have two separate Internet connections than it is to have a T1 that crosses state or LATA boundaries.
  • Less expensive circuits, such as DSL or Fixed Wireless, can be used instead of T1 lines.
  • Multiple remote circuits can be simultaneously connected to a single main office circuit, reducing the total number of circuits required.
  • VPN software on a computer can allow the circuit to be dynamic, letting a "road warrior" tunnel into the office from wherever he or she may happen to be staying.

The consultants and network engineers at SHEERConnection can assess your needs to determine if a virtual private network is right for you, and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Remote Access vs. Private Network vs. Virtual Private Network.  We can then design and implement the right solution for your unique needs.

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