At SHEERConnection we take a little different approach to the complex issue of website hosting. We don’t just host websites, we host domains.  The difference is that we can and do handle all of the necessary components to reliably hosting your domain.

We offer a simple, combined package price that includes all of the little pieces that you need (even if you don’t think that you need them) instead of breaking the costs down into smaller, less expensive pieces that end up costing you more when you add them all back together.

Our standard hosting package includes DNS server, unlimited email addresses under your own domain, unlimited email aliases, and 100 Megabytes of storage space for your website and email.  We provide you with both standard POP3/SMTP access to your mail, as well as web-based email, as part of the standard package.

We have a variety of web servers with various capabilities, such as FrontPage extensions, Cold Fusion, PHP, Perl, MySQL and even steaming audio and video from both RealMedia and Microsoft Media.  We can provide you with access to interactive statistics of your website traffic enabling you to track how your site is being utilized.

Our servers are equipped with redundant features such as mirrored or RAID hard drives and redundant power supplies.  We back up your website and email to protect against catastrophic failures, and we even provide "Secondary MX" (also called backup mail spool) service to our customers.

For all of this we charge only $50/month, whereas most other local ISP’s charge much more.

It is, of course, always possible to find someone who will host a domain for less.   We’ve seen prices out there for under $10/month – but they always seem to lack one or more major components of the required services.  For example one of our local competitors advertised a lower rate for web hosting, but didn’t include DNS service with their quoted price.  Without DNS services you could only get to the web site by IP address, not by name, and they charged an extra $15/month for DNS (which put their costs above ours).  Others advertise lower rates, but limit you to a handful of email addresses – then charge you another $5 or more a month for each address.   However, the biggest thing missing from a company that tries to sell on price alone is the complete lack of service.  The only way for someone to stay afloat financially if they are charging $10 or $20 a month for hosting is to do it based on volume alone and to completely do away with customer service.  It becomes cheaper for them to ignore you or be unresponsive to your questions until you transfer your business somewhere else than it does to take the time to provide quality service.

Little items such as DNS and email auto-responders aren’t so little if they aren’t configured correctly.  At SHEERConnection we know what we are doing, and get it right the first time.

We operate our own local data center, equipped with features such as anti-static flooring, redundant cooling systems, uninterruptible battery-backed power systems, and even an automatic generator backup to the battery-backed units.  We utilize multiple, redundant DS3 connections to the Internet delivered over a redundant fiber optic loop, and our servers, routers, switches, and circuits are under constant Quality of Service (QOS) monitoring, allowing us to address issues that may arise before they can even become problems.

Of course you aren’t limited to using local Internet Service Providers for your domain hosting, and we host sites for many companies and organizations which are not local to us, but there are advantages.  A primary advantage with us is that local hosting includes local support (One local hosting competitor has actually farmed their telephone support to a foreign country).  Any questions or concerns you may have can be handled with a local telephone call, or complex issues can be resolved with face-to-face meetings in our office or yours. SHEERConnection is an Internet Service Provider, with the emphasis on Service.

SHEERConnection is the Internet Services Group of Technology Specialists.  For more information on how SHEERConnection or Technology Specialists can be of service to you and your organization, please send a message to or call 260-422-5835. Powered by Technology Specialists